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Our Mission:

To promote mental health literacy, personalized treatments, and empowerment through knowledge/understanding.

We aim to provide a safe place forall thoughts and feelings to be shared without judgement. 

Dr. Ella Hong 

Dr. Hong is the director of Olive Psychiatry. She is a NIMH-fellowship trained, psychodynamic psychiatrist who has been practicing in Bethesda, Maryland since 2018.

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How We Work 

We think a personal, thorough, collaborative, evidence-based yet holistic approach to diagnosis is the key. We do not rush to diagnosis, and we acknowledge that often there is more than just one answer.

It's about working together, not just diagnosis and medications. 

All Are Welcome

We respect all walks of life.

Services are currently provided in English and Korean. 

Serving the communities of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.